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We have a new course available - ICAO Global Reporting Format - find it in the Safety Faculty



Case Studies

  • Case Study: Brussels Airport Company

    “The Airports Council International Online Learning Centre offers high quality courses covering all safety related and operational processes airside. That was exactly what we needed for our staff performing safety critical functions. By offering these courses they had the opportunity to gain a profound knowledge on these processes at their own pace.”

  • Case Study: Changi Airport

    “Aerodrome Operations staff were able to complete the training on the OLC’s easy to use Learning Management System at their own pace and time schedule. The accessibility was especially appreciated by shift workers as they could complete the training as and when they were able to.”>fIkQ6wb/5hFMhoLwv1X*,cOuU!>V,}VYY ~wyq^]c5;fb;:7Ja-aRg ~