Why Online Learning Centre

The Online Learning Centre (OLC) was established by Ceventas Pty Ltd in partnership with Airports Council International to provide online training services to the global airport industry.

We specialise in providing a broad range of industry standard online training courses designed to help airports deliver high quality training through a fully managed e-learning solution quickly, easily and cost effectively.

Our Solution

Web Hosted, Fully Managed Solution

The OLC provides access to an Enterprise eLearning solution without the risk, capital investment and long lead time of developing a stand-alone system.
Key benefits include:
  • No capital investment
  • No special hardware, software or technical expertise required
  • Zero impact on your organisation’s IT resources
  • Fully Hosted, Managed and Maintained
  • All software improvements and upgrades are immediate and at zero cost

Powerful and User-friendly System Administration

The system provides managers and system administrators with an array of administrative features that are simple and easy to use including:
  • Complete User Management - Create, View, Report, Edit, Group Users
  • Course Enrolments - Assign courses to Users and Monitor Progress
  • Content Authoring tool for the development of local content
  • Ability to Export all data to Excel or a Human Resources and/or Payroll System
  • Simple online survey and assessment tools.

Personalised User Training Environment

Users have their own personalised training account that is accessible any time from any internet connected computer.
  • Unlimited number of User Accounts
  • Learning is self paced – courses can be accessed any number of times for up twelve months from enrolment
  • Every course is assessed and Completion Certificates issued automatically upon successful completion
  • Training Records are maintained for audit purposes

Automated Audit Trail and Real Time Reporting

The system provides managers and administrators with an automated records management and reporting solution for the maintenance of all training records.
  • Comprehensive suite of real time, online reports
  • All reports can be exported to Excel for further analysis
  • Automated enrolment notifications and reminders to users and managers
  • Ability to Export all data to Excel or a Human Resources and/or Payroll System

Broad Range of Custom Development and Industry Standard Course Options

Develop your own courses and material or access a wide range of industry standard courses from Airports Council International and its partners.
  • ACI Industry Courses – access industry specific airport courses developed by ACI and its partners
  • Custom Course Development – work with the OLC to develop custom online courses to add to the library
  • Partner Course Library – access courses on a variety of topics from leading providers of online and compliance training
  • Locally Authored Material – Post documents or use the content authoring tool to generate your own material and distribute and track these items using the system