What People Say About Us

The ease of use, enrolment, quality and length of the Airport Operations Diploma was great.  The content was a detailed wrap-up of issues related to Airport Operations that every professional should know.  It would be very useful to any future or active member in the Aviation Industry.
-- Ioannis Voudiklaris, Asoc Senior Supervisor
Athens International Airport S.A.
Thanks so much. I'm really glad I did the Diploma, it was really interesting and I learned so much from it!  I would definitely recommend it to anyone aspiring to advance in the aviation industry and for employees that would like to have more knowledge on how an airport operates.
-- Taline Missakian
Aéroports de Montréal
Aéroport de Québec inc. integrated several of the Canadian Online Airport College training activities in its training program. We have received much positive feedback from the employees on the content, the quality of the visual presentation and the efficiency of the Internet site (no technical problems encountered).

In our opinion, the training programs embody industry best practices. Also, Internet site administration is simple and allows administrators to produce and export various reports for file follow-up in employee training programs. CAOC’s Internet site allowed AQi to save precious time in the developing of training programs.
-- Simon-Xavier Cayouette
Aéroport de Québec
The ACI Certificate in Airside/Landside Operations is the foundation that provides our employees the necessary tools to understanding the daily function of operating an airport. The information presented is a comprehensive approach that provides our employees with a holistic understanding of the many moving parts of the airport community. ACI’s professional certifications provide our staff with the resources needed to contribute to the travel experience of our customers.
-- Steve Petty, Chief Operations Officer
Louisville Regional Airport Authority

Having just completed the ACI Airport Operations Diploma Programme I was impressed by the insightful nature of the system, depth and scope of the facts and examples offered.

The information presented on-line facilitates not only comprehensive content but a process that provides the user with overview backed up by systematic material, testing and assessment.

Participants who, from past experience, have a good grounding in certain subject matter can quickly progress.  Many in this situation will benefit from the time effective methodology to formalise their aviation specific career skills with a qualification from an acknowledged provider.

Others who need to delve deeper into specific subject matter can use the topics to further their research and understanding as they progress as aspiring Airport leaders.

-- Mitchell Cameron, General Manager
Karratha Airport
The ACI Airport Operations Diploma Programme is the standard for any individual desiring a career in airside operations.  Much like a building, it arrives in 3 stages.  

The Certificate in Airside Operations is your foundation in that it provides the necessary support for understanding the functions required of an aerodrome operator.

The Certificate in Terminal and Landside Operations are your walls which assist in providing a complete structure for you to operate within safely & efficiently.

The Certificate in Airport Business Operations is the roof which allows you to shelter your most important asset, the flying public.

Whether you operate an aerodrome that processes tens of millions of passengers, or tens of thousands, the ACI Airport Operations Diploma Programme is as essential to your general knowledge base as a runway is to your aerodrome.
-- Robert M. Harris, Acting Chief Operations Officer
Cayman Islands Airport Authority

The ACI Airport Operations Diploma provides a good generalist understanding of the major facets of Airport Operations.

As is the case with most larger airports, employees are generally siloed into their specific area of expertise, which subsequently reduces their capacity to understand the Airport environment as a complete entity.

The diploma programme successfully addresses this by providing students with succinct information that broadens their understanding of the plethora of functions, regulations and systems operating within a modern 21st century Airport Environment.

-- Peter Friel, Airport Manager
East Kimberley Airport
The ACI Airport Operations Diploma Programme is a comprehensive and systematic overview beneficial to all current and aspiring Airport leaders.

The various modules illustrate today’s challenges and future requirements to enhance safety, security, customer satisfaction, environmental responsibility and community involvement…all within an increasingly complex regulatory framework.
-- Charles Navigante, Airport Duty Manager Operations and Security
San Francisco International Airport
I personally would like to thank ACI for coming up with such a comprehensive airport operations diploma course which covers almost all facets of aviation.

It is a must do for serious aviationists who would like to take civil aviation to another level. Not only does the course provide an option for self study at your own time, it is so detailed and full of practical and realistic examples, which ultimately make your learning not only easy but affable.
-- Norman Sanyanga
Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe
The (Airport Operations Diploma) Program gave me a much more holistic understanding of the running of an Airport. In my role it helps me to help others in a more meaningful manner.   I have even managed to raise a few eyebrows as I try out some of my new terminology in areas outside my bubble.  Thanks heaps ACI.
-- Wayne Nicholl, Health & Safety Manager
Auckland Airport
I think the ACI team offers a great learning experience.  All of the courses I’ve taken have been very informative and have been delivered in a concise and professional manner.
-- Mike Moniz, Airport Operations
Region of Waterloo International Airport (YKF)
This course is a must for up-coming management and supervisors - it provides well rounded knowledge and the latest trends all rolled up in a convenient quality learning experience - definitely recommended!
-- Barbara L. Carlo, Vice President
In studying the ACI Airport Operations Diploma Program, I have gained a renewed perspective, focus and passion for the global aviation industry.

The new Terminal and Landside Certification course was truly enlightening. I really enjoyed learning about how to develop and promote a customer centric airport environment and discovering the various organizations that contribute to a global aviation system.
-- Justin Julian C.M. ACE, Airports Operations Officer
County of Ventura Department of Airports
I am really pleased I took a subject out of my comfort zone for my last AMPAP (Environmental Management).  I am not directly responsible for these issues but feel after completing this course I can positively contribute.  Great course.
-- Natalie Marsans, Aviation Marketing Director
Jurmala Airport
Completing this course gave me a greater appreciation of persons with disabilities and the barriers created by the perception persons without disability may have. Jamaica is a melting pot of personalities, with people of varying socio-economic status interacting, the country is also a popular destination for tourist. For these reasons I found this course both relevant and enlightening.
-- Derron Blake
MBJ Airports Limited
The Safety Management Systems Awareness course was very useful and helpful in understanding the elements of SMS.  Great layout of information and good course assessment.  Thanks.
-- Alexander Williams, Airport Safety Specialist
Sacramento County Airport System
CVG has several managers participating in quality training programs such as Airside Safety Awareness Training and Human Factors Awareness Training. ACI’s professional certifications provide our staff with enhanced skills and tools so that they can make a larger contribution to our passengers safety, security and enhanced travel experience.
-- Debby Combs, Director of Organizational Development & Strategic Initiatives
Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport
We appreciate that our employees are our greatest asset and on-going training is invaluable in providing an exceptional airport experience that exceeds expectations.
-- Candace S. McGraw, Chief Executive Officer
Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport
I have just finished the ACI Course in Airside Operations. Very good! Nice and useful information. I particularly liked the Environment Module. Congratulations!
-- José Cavaco
Terceira- Açores
The ACI-NA On-line Learning Centre is a great learning tool. The way it is structured, it brings to light many pertinent facts and valuable info in a way that you can absorb it.
-- David A. Dunkley, Jr.
Jacksonville Aviation Authority
Thank you for the opportunity in participating in a very informative and detailed study of project management and its varied interdependencies.  Having completed the course, I must say that this intense study was challenging, however rewarding and will be applicable to my ongoing responsibilities
-- Audley Dunk
MBJ Airports Limited
"I’ve really learned a lot from the modules I’ve completed so far and the User Interface has worked well. I recently transferred to the Airport from another department in the City and your courses have been a perfect way for me to quickly learn about environmental aspects of an airport."
-- Karin R. Christie, Environmental Affairs Officer
Los Angeles World Airports

"As a finance professional for the past 25 years, I do not have direct dealings about environmental issues however the course has given me a new perspective and good understanding of this very interesting subject.  Furthermore, I was moved to my new operational role this month, therefore the knowledge that I have gained in Environmental Management is perfectly timed."

-- Patrick Ong
Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM)
I thought the (Human Factors Awareness Training) course was very informative and a great training tool.
-- Kathleen David ACE, Airport Operations Manager
General Mitchell International Airport
"The course is excellent! It is comprehensive and easy to absorb. The real life examples make it that much more interesting."
-- Kelli-Dawn Smith
NMIA Airports Limited, Jamaica
"Seattle Tacoma International Airport is proud to partner with Airports Council International to assist in the development of this new online program to share best practices and further the discipline of sustainable airport operations and development around the globe. Airports all over the world have expertise to share with each other, and this project is a great example of ACI’s leadership advancing the professionalism of airport environmental managers."
-- Elizabeth Leavitt, Chair - ACI-World Environment Standing Committee
Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
How to Manage Workplace Conflict and Contract Management were very interesting. Contract Management is directly linked to my everyday job and I will use the information garnered. As I have to relate to people from several departments in the organization, the course on Workplace Conflict helped me understand different personalities and how to cooperate in order to have a healthy work environment and how to resolve conflict when it occurs. Overall, the course was well appreciated and acted as a motivational tool.
-- Sharon Hislop-Holt
MBJ Airports Limited
"As part of our commitment to the sustainable development of Airports throughout the world, Airports Council International is delighted to offer this new online program to further the knowledge and understanding of Airport professionals in the areas of Airport Environmental Management and Sustainable Development."
-- Xavier Oh, Senior Manager Environment
Airports Council International