Airport Operations Diploma - Why Should You Enrol?

October 2017

Airport operations is a growing global industry with huge opportunities for people prepared to invest in their career.

The Airport Operations Diploma Program (AODP) provides participants with the foundation knowledge of airside operations, terminal and landside operations and airport business operations.  Diploma graduates will acquire the knowledge needed to navigate the operational and business activities of the 21st century airport industry.

Convenient, accessible and flexible, the AODP will help to kick-start the careers of the next generation of airport professionals.

Who Should Enrol?

  • Current staff interested in expanding their knowledge of global airport operations and securing their future in the industry
  • New or future employees wishing to gain foundation knowledge of airport operations and start a career in airport operations and management
  • Airport service providers and business partners seeking a global understanding of the airport business

The AODP is made up of the following three certificate courses:

Price: USD$1,795.00
Duration: Approximately 45 hours