Short Course - Safety Management Systems Training

March 2017

“I would recommend this course to all airport personnel. I will be asking higher management to get all my airport reporting officers to complete this training.”

A risk-based approach to safety management is based on the fact that there will always be hazards and risks. It is important to have a systematic and proactive attitude towards safety in order to identify and mitigate such hazards and risks before they lead to unwanted incidents.

At the core of effective airside safety is a skilled aviation workforce. On completion of our Safety Management Systems Training course, participants will be able to:

1. describe the regulatory frameworks relevant to airport safety
2. understand the organisational nature of accidents and incidents
3. explain the key safety principles of a Safety Management System and how they differ from traditional approaches to safety
4. understand the basic safety processes of a Safety Management System and how they identify hazards and mitigate risks
5. describe the major benefits of a Safety Management System
6. describe the four primary components of a Safety Management System

Price: US$50.00
Duration: 1.5 hours

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