Airport Operations Diploma Program and Recent Graduates

August 2016

Airports are no longer just a place to embark and disembark people or load and unload cargo.
Today’s airports have become vital economic engines facilitating an integrated multi-modal flow of people, goods, information and capital. 

The ACI Airport Operations Diploma Program is a comprehensive overview of the core components of airport operations that is beneficial to all current and aspiring airport leaders. Through the program, airport personnel develop the knowledge required to provide positive passenger experiences that are in line with security requirements and revenue-generating activities.

This online professional development program is a stepping stone to a successful career in airport operations and management.

The Airport Operations Diploma Program includes three online certificate courses in the areas of:

Price: USD $1795.00
Duration: Approximately 45 hours

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Congratulations to the recent graduates of our Airport Operations Diploma Program

Mona Lisa Nazareno - ACI World
Lachlan McKenzie - Adelaide Airport
Malcolm Hunter - Adelaide Airport
Rory McIvor - Adelaide Airport
Melissa Hall - Adelaide Airport
James Low - Adelaide Airport
Marie-Josee Blondeau - Aeroport de Quebec
Fabiao Abel Sibia - Aeroportos de Mocambique
Sanett Scott - Airports Authority of Jamaica (NMIA)
Nadine Johnson - Airports Authority of Jamaica (NMIA)
Larry Hamilton - Airports Authority of Jamaica (NMIA)
Damion Cameron - Airports Authority of Jamaica (NMIA)
Correy Brown - Airports Authority of Jamaica (NMIA)
Clevaun Guscott - Airports Authority of Jamaica (NMIA)
Ravindranath Calcutteea - Airports of Mauritius
Manasa Soontornratn - Airports of Thailand
Natipat Jitpraphai - Airports of Thailand
Bancha Arpakornrak - Airports of Thailand
Bancha Samrongwatana - Airports of Thailand
Thanabadee Thongsing - Airports of Thailand
Hamish Malokle - Airports Vanuatu Ltd
Yanick Teking Zazea - ASECNA
Ting Cheung Leung - AVSECO - Hong Kong
Shanti B Reddiar - Calgary Airport Authority
Shuchi Agrawal - Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
Hareg Omer - Government of the Northwest Territories
Andra St. John Wickham - Grenada Airports Authority
Geoffrey Gaskin - Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
John Ryan - Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Jose Acevedo - Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Leo Kwong - Hong Kong International Airport
Gerald Quinten Sylvanmani - Malaysia Airlines Berhad
Muhammad Amir Akram Bin Sidek - Malaysia Airlines Berhad
Siti Nurshafinaz Binti Musa - Malaysia Airlines Berhad
Kerone Barnett-Jackson - MBJ Airports Limited
Suchita Shetty - Mumbai International Airport
Steward Francis - National Airport Corporation Papua New Guinea
Edsel Lake - Princess Juliana International Airport
Rudolf Nicholson - Princess Juliana International Airport
Abdulaziz Ali Al-Muraikhi - Qatar Civil Aviation Authority
Kristian Wade - Salt Lake City Dpt of Airports
Monica McKnight - San Antonio International Airport
John Kim - San Francisco International Airport
Oleksandr Poljanycka - SITA
Brent Mace - Tasports
Pawel Mankowski - WSP Canada Inc.