Wildlife Hazard Management Safety Training

March 2015

“This is a very comprehensive introduction to the world of wildlife mitigation on aerodromes. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will follow through with some of the suggestions found in this course.”

“Excellent! The whole course has broadened my knowledge on airside safety operations and wildlife management.”

Wildlife Hazard Management is an operational activity that is vital to maintaining an acceptable level of safety for aircraft operations at an airport.

This course provides participants with a comprehensive overview of the key elements involved in Wildlife Hazard Management and how these elements are integrated successfully into the airport’s Wildlife Hazard Management Plan.

The course will provide information and guidance on wildlife hazard management best practices including:
Section 1 - Introduction
Section 2 - What is Wildlife Management?
Section 3 - Roles and Responsibilities
Section 4 - Wildlife Hazard Risk Assessment & Management Plan
Section 5 - Operational Practices
Section 6 - Training
Section 7 - Program Evaluation
Section 8 - Habitat Management
Section 9 - Wildlife Intervention Techniques

The course can be used as initial and recurrent safety training for a broad range of operational personnel that work at the airport.

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Upgrade to the Certificate in Airside Safety

If you have completed any of the courses listed below you can upgrade to the Certificate in Airside Safety:

1. Airside Safety
2. Safety Management Systems
3. Human Factors Safety
4. Runway Safety Management
5. Wildlife Hazard Management

The Certificate in Airside Safety consists of five (5) online safety courses that can be taken by airport personnel over a period of time.

The courses provide participants with a broad knowledge and understanding of the key elements of airside safety and how these elements combine as part of the airport’s overall Safety Management System.

These courses can be taken as part of initial safety training or be used as recurrent safety training on an annual basis.

To register for any of these courses visit our online course catalogue.

For more information on how to upgrade to the Certificate in Airside Safety contact Robyn at enrolments@olc.aero