What matters when reporting

December 2015

Airport professional development

As 2015 comes to an end and you look towards the new year, it is likely that you will need to review your airport’s operations, address the regulatory training required for compliance, note on your staff’s performance or rate the effectiveness of programmes and procedures already in place. Making sure that your report is effective and educational is important; however, this is not always as easy as it seems.

To be sure, use this step-by-step checklist to make the most of your report:

- Organise: Is your data sorted in headings and sub-headings? Was there a report outline in place before you started writing?  
- Educate: Are your findings presented in a systematic, easy-to-follow manner that uses clear language, tables and graphs?
- Identify problems: Does your report familiarise the reader with hurdles that need to be overcome?
- Propose changes: Are you providing informed and thoughtful recommendations for change in your airport?
- Track progress: Are you recording the developments taking place as a result of your report?
- Review: Did you draft, edit and proofread your report several times, considering its format, layout, graphics and visuals?

Remember, the key to great reporting is having a comprehensive plan with clear objectives.
Happy reporting!

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