What makes a good business leader?

July 2018

A great business leader creates an environment that allows employees to feel engaged and committed, ensures the financial success of the business and meets the needs of a wide array of stakeholders.

Effective business leaders set the tone and the direction of an organisation.

The Online Learning Centre has developed the Certificate in Business Leadership to help business leaders gain the tools and best practices across:

  • finance
  • retention, development and engagement of the workforce
  • talent management and succession planning
  • managing diversity
  • fostering creativity and innovation
  • change management
  • building internal and external networks

En route to the Diploma in Leadership Essentials

The Certificate in Business Leadership is a pathway course to the Diploma in Leadership Essentials.

The Diploma in Leadership Essentials taps into the three key levels of leadership – self, team, and the wider business.

Focusing on the behaviours critical for success at each level, this program will equip learners with the skills needed to lead themselves and others effectively.