Training airport personnel in disability sensitivity

March 2016

Airport professional development

ACI Online Learning Centre’s Disability Sensibility Training provides participants with  an increased awareness of a range of disabilities and educates them on how to respond appropriately.  

The course covers various methods of communication with people with hearing loss, vision loss, speech disabilities and cognitive disabilities, as well as those with service animals.

This course is organized into the following sections:
1. The disability market
2.  Defining disability and types of disabilities
3.  Appropriate language and customer service tips
4.  Assessment
5.  Resources
Price: US $95.00
Duration: 2 hours
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Disability Sensitivity Training course available in Spanish

The online Disability Sensitivity Training course is also available in Spanish.

View the Spanish version: Capacitación sobre la Concientización y Sensibilidad de la Discapacidad.