Train your staff in effective wildlife hazard management

April 2016

The importance of wildlife hazard management at airports

All airports need a comprehensive Wildlife Hazard Management plan to ensure that airside operations run smoothly and that wildlife ecosystems remain intact. 

Airports Council International and the global aviation industry have long recognized that it takes a specific skill set to successfully implement a Wildlife Hazard Management plan. 

Solutions to airports’ animal challenges are always evolving but some current preventative measures include managing overgrowth, fencing the runway effectively and making use of canines to chase birds away.

Wildlife Hazard Management

Airport professional development

“This is a very comprehensive introduction to the world of wildlife mitigation on aerodromes. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will follow through with several of the suggestions found in this course.”

“Wildlife hazard management is an operational activity that is vital to maintaining a high level of safety for aircraft operations.”

Our Wildlife Hazard Management course is based on current wildlife hazard management research and airport industry best practices. Through this course, staff will gain a comprehensive understanding of the topic, acquiring the confidence and skills needed to implement your airport’s Wildlife Hazard Management plan, as well as understand wildlife control measures and intervention techniques.

Wildlife Hazard Management graduates are able to:
- Explain the major elements of an airport’s Wildlife Hazard Management plan;
- understand the wildlife control measures and intervention techniques used to reduce risks caused by wildlife hazards;
- identify the operational practices of wildlife hazard management; and
- outline key positions within the organizational structure of an airport’s wildlife hazard management plan.

Price: US$95.00
Duration: 2 hours

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