Three tips to help your career take off

October 2015

Looking to progress your career but not sure where to start? Check out our three tips to get ahead in your workplace:

1. Be a leader: Take responsibility for your job in order to set an example for your co-workers. Your boss may notice that your actions encourage those around you to work smarter and as a result you could be presented with an opportunity to further your career.

2. Adopt a mentor: Find a mentor, for example someone in a more senior position than you or someone who works in a position that you would like to be in the future, and go to them for advice. Having someone to look up to and gain invaluable tips from could help you achieve your career goals.

3. Invest in training: Knowledge equals power, so gain as much of it as you can! Make sure you have a thorough understanding of your own department, and upskill by learning the operations of other areas of the airport. Showing an interest in training proves you’re dedicated to the role, and tells your superiors that you’re willing to learn, grow and move up.

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