The 'must-have' certificate in Airside Operations

February 2018

"This course gives a tremendous amount of relevant information for numerous aspects of Airside Operations for the “boots on the ground” operator. It is a 'must-have' for field operators. It should be the standard entry-level training for aerodrome employees."

As described by the graduate above, the Certificate in Airside Operations is an integral part of the foundational studies undertaken by field operators, as well any airport employee needing initial airside training.

Complete this course to gain a theoretical knowledge of the various components of airside operations, and how these components interact with each other to form a fully operational system.

The Certificate in Airside Operations includes the following seven modules: 
1. Airside Infrastructure, Facilities and 
2. Safety Management
3. Airside Operations
4. Emergency Management
5. Airside Security
6. Airside Operations and the Environment
7. Industry Safety Performance Indicators

Price:  US$695.00
Duration: 15 hours

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En Route to the Airport Operations Diploma Program

The Certificate in Airside Operations is a pathway course to the Airport Operations Diploma Program (AODP).

The Airport Operations Diploma Program has been adopted by airport operators and service providers all around the world to ensure that personnel have a comprehensive understanding of the key elements of airport operations.
This 45-hour online program is a stepping-stone to a career in airport operations and management.

Also Available in Spanish and French

The Certificate in Airside Operations and Airport Operations Diploma Program is also available in Spanish and the Certificate in Airside Operations is available in French:

Spanish Certificate: Certificado en Operaciones en el Lado Aéreo

Spanish Diploma: Diploma en Operaciones Aeroportuarias

French Certificate: 
Certificat en exploitation côté piste