Runway Safety Management 2014 - New Release - Available Now!!

September 2014

Airports Council International and the Online Learning Centre are delighted to announce the release of the new online course on Runway Safety Management.

Runway safety is a significant challenge and top priority for airport operations.

This new course will be based on the ACI Runway Safety Handbook published by the ACI World Safety and Technical Standing Committee that brings together a wide range of industry guidance material and best practices dealing with runway safety.

The course will provide information and guidance on runway safety best practices including:

Section 1 - Runway Safety
Section 2 - Planning and Design
Section 3 - Runway Inspections & Reporting
Section 4 - Low Visibility Procedures & NAVAIDs
Section 5 - Operations
Section 6 - Runway Maintenance
Section 7 - Temporary Restrictions
Section 8 - Construction Safety

Enroll online here or contact for more information.