Recent Airport Operations Diploma graduates leading the way

March 2018

Airport Operations is a growing global industry with huge opportunities for those prepared to invest in their career. If you are ready to take the next step, enrol in the Airport Operations Diploma Program (AODP), and join the growing community of airport professionals leading the way.
Here's what a recent AODP graduate had to say about the program:
"The ACI Airport Operations Diploma Programme is a comprehensive and systematic overview beneficial to all current and aspiring Airport leaders. The various modules illustrate today’s challenges and future requirements to enhance safety, security, customer satisfaction, environmental responsibility and community involvement…all within an increasingly complex regulatory framework." 
The Airport Operations Diploma Program includes the following three online certificate courses: Duration: Approximately 45 hours
Price: US$1,795.00
If you have already completed one or more of the certificate courses above - to find out how to upgrade to the Diploma.

Be sure to browse the list of diploma graduates below to see if you recognise someone from your airport! 
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Congratulations to the recent Airport Operations Diploma Program graduates 

Qinya Pang - ACI North America
Jeeyoon Jung - ACI World
Jeremy King - ADB Safegate
Kirk Masters - Airports Authority of Jamaica (NMIA)
Kerry-Ann Abdool - Airports Authority of Trinidad & Tobago
Priti Ambalika Reddy - Airports Fiji Ltd
Nikos Tavoularis - Athens International Airport
Russell Lobley - Brisbane Airport Corporation
Adam Daley - Brisbane Airport Corporation
Cathy Gray - Calgary Airport Authority
Kees Rutten - Calgary Airport Authority
Wade Hoffer - Calgary Airport Authority
Irina Liakhar - Calgary Airport Authority
Justin Grove - Calgary Airport Authority
Ryan Cook - Calgary Airport Authority
Bruce Goetz - Denver International Airport
Mark W Nagel - Denver International Airport
Keith Mays - Denver International Airport
Aubrey McGonigle - Denver International Airport
Marie Surratt - Denver International Airport
Lisa Gahm - Denver International Airport
Dan Sprinkle - Denver International Airport
Stephen Lee - Denver International Airport
Syed Muhammad Saad - Global Aerospace Logistics
Oguz Efe Yelestepe - Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen International Airport
Ashley Scott - Kamloops Airport
Jacoba Seccull - Karratha Airport
Tyrone Smith - LF Wade International Airport Bermuda
Daisy IO Un Teng - Macau International Airport Company Limited
Annice Kan Wai Kei - Macau International Airport Company Limited
Mohamed Sayyah - Maldives Airports Company Ltd
Mohamed Simaan Abdul Moomin - Maldives Airports Company Ltd
Peter Hall - MBJ Airports Limited
Enkhjargal Enkhtaivan - Mongolian Civil Aviation Authority
Otgonbayar Baldan - Mongolian Civil Aviation Authority
Achim Schmidt - Munich Airport
Eliaser Hoaeb - Namibia Airports Company
Emily Peng - National Airport Corporation PNG
Brian Larkham - Newcastle Airport
Gina Priest - San Francisco International Airport
Jeff Collins - Spokane International Airport
Ryan Monforton - Winnipeg Airports Authority