Proactively approach safety at your airport

March 2016

Airport professional development

“I would recommend this course to all airport personnel. I will be asking higher management to get all my airport reporting officers to complete this training.”

A risk-based approach to safety management is based on the fact that there will always be hazards and risks. A systematic and proactive attitude towards safety is thus needed in order to identify and mitigate such hazards and risks before they lead to unwanted incidents.
On completion of the Safety Management Systems Training course, participants will be able to:

    - Describe the regulatory frameworks relevant to airport safety;
    - understand the organizational nature of accidents and incidents;
    - explain the key safety principles of a Safety Management System and how they differ from traditional approaches to safety;
    - understand the basic safety processes of a Safety Management System and how they identify hazards and mitigate risks;
    - describe the major benefits of a Safety Management System; and
    - describe the four primary components of a Safety Management System.

Price: US$50.00
Duration: 1 hour
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Also available in Spanish

The Safety Management Systems Training course is also available in Spanish.

View the Spanish version here: Sistema de Gestión de la Seguridad Operacional

En route to a Certificate in Airside Safety

If you have completed any of the courses listed below you can upgrade to the Certificate in Airside Safety:
- Airside Safety
- Safety Management Systems
- Human Factors Safety
- Runway Safety Management
- Wildlife Hazard Management

The ACI Certificate in Airside Safety combines five online safety courses that can be taken by airport personnel over a period of time.