Prioritise Runway Safety with OLC

June 2017

Runway operations are an integral part of aviation.

The OLC's course in Runway Safety Management draws on a diverse range of internationally recognized runway safety guidance material from ACI member airports, the International Civil Aviation Organization, civil aviation authorities and other international aviation organizations.

Through this module, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the steps required to establish a runway safety team;
  • Understand the important elements of runway safety at an aerodrome;
  • Explain the key requirements of runway inspections and reporting;
  • Describe the crucial elements of runway maintenance;
  • Explain how to manage temporary runway restrictions and disperse this information to stakeholders; and
  • Understand the Low Visibility Procedures that are enforced for the safe operation of aircraft during low visibility conditions, including the protection of navigational aids.

Price: USD$95.00
Duration: 90 minutes

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En Route to The Certificate in Airside Safety

Runway Safety Managment is a pathway course to the Certificate in Airside Safety.

The Certificate in Airside Safety is ideal for initial or recurrent safety training for all airport employees and service provider personnel. This 8.5-hour program will provide participants with a broad knowledge and understanding of the key elements of airside safety by combining five online safety courses into a Certificate level program.