Our Certificate In Terminal And Landside Operations

January 2017

"A well balanced course that provides a solid overview of the international civil aviation framework. The course reinforces the knowledge of seasoned airport professionals and is also ideal to set the stage for people new to the industry."

Patrick Hugh Nigel

Equip your airport staff with the vital skills and insight for airport terminal and landside operations with ACI’s Certificate in Terminal and Landside Operations

This course will provide airport personnel with the knowledge needed to ensure positive passenger experiences that are in-line with security protocols and revenue-generating activities.

On completion of the Certificate in Terminal and Landside Operations, participants will be able to:

  • Analyze the complex service delivery chain within airports;
  • understand the tools used by airport operators, working with the wider airport community, to improve customer experiences;
  • describe the various landside facilities and the operational procedures;
  • explain baggage-handling and cargo procedures at airports;
  • describe the major components of the air cargo industry; and
  • understand the importance of the International Civil Aviation Organisation

Price: US$695.00
Duration: 15 hours

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