New - Study Airport Digital Transformation

August 2018

Does your airport need help to enter the digital world? We've got the solution. ACI's Online Learning Centre has developed a short course on Airport Digital Transformation

The Airport Digital Transformation course is designed to help airport managers evolve their airport in a digital world and develop a digital culture at their airport.

The course provides:

  • a maturity path for airports to become digital-ready
  • an outline on how to check your airport’s readiness for digital transformation
  • best practice recommendations for key areas of digitalization

Duration: 60 minutes
Price: USD $95

The OLC provides group training to airports around the world, contact for more information. 

Now Available - Accident and Incident Investigation

ACI's new Accident and Incident Investigation course explores the fundamentals of accident and incident prevention and investigation.

The course guides learners on how to employ defenses to prevent accidents and incidents from occurring and how to approach and conduct the accident and investigation process at their airport.