New Online Safety Courses Available Now!

September 2016

Airports Council International and the Online Learning Centre are delighted to announce our new Emergency Preparedness and Contingency Planning course.

The Emergency Preparedness and Contingency Planning course has been designed to provide airport operators with guidance on current industry best practices within the framework of the Aerodrome Emergency Plan (AEP).

The course will assist airport operators in producing more effective emergency plans that consider a wide range of possible events. It will enable airports to cope with crises and return to normal operations as soon as possible, making full use of business continuity planning.

The course is organised into the following 10 sections:

1. Welcome
2. Overview
3. Legal roles and requirements
4. Introduction to business continuity
5. Emergency planning phase
6. Emergency response
7. Coordination for interfacing Emergency Response Plans
8. Training
9. Exercises and testing
10. Documentation

Price: US$135.00
Duration: 3 hours

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Apron Safety Management

Also new to our course repertoire is the Apron Safety Management course. Aprons are often the most congested and busiest areas of an airport. They are home to demanding and complex activities that are carried out under severe space and time constraints.

The Apron Safety Management course has been designed to bring together the best elements of managing apron safety from the current experiences of airport operators around the world. It provides aerodrome operators with a comprehensive set of guidelines to enhance safety, improve operations and to prevent or reduce accidents and incidents on the apron.

The course focuses on promoting safety in four key areas:
  • Apron safety
  • Apron planning and design
  • Apron operations
  • Apron maintenance and construction

The course is organised into the following sections:

1. Welcome
2. Overview
3. Apron safety
4. Apron planning and design
5. Vehicle operations
6. Aircraft operations and fuelling
7. Apron management
8. Ground handling
9. Adverse weather operations
10. Rescue and Firefighting
11. Apron maintenance and construction

Price: US $135.00
Duration: 3 hours

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