Master key interpersonal skills

March 2018

Being an effective leader requires self-awareness and confidence. Leaders must have a clear understanding of themselves and master several key interpersonal skills before they can effectively lead others and their organisation.  

The Certificate in Self Leadership taps into this first key level of leadership – the self.

The Certificate will equip participants with the skills to:
  • overcome key challenges faced by managers,
  • better manage their own emotions and those of others,
  • make more effective leadership decisions,
  • influence, negotiate and present with impact.
Price: USD $795
Duration: Approximately 11 hours

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En Route to the Diploma in Leadership Essentials 

The Certificate in Self Leadership is a pathway course to the Diploma in Leadership Essentials

The Diploma in Leadership Essentials taps into the three key levels of leadership – self, team, and the wider business.

Focusing on the behaviours critical for success at each level, this program will equip learners with the skills needed to lead themselves effectively and then translate that knowledge into leading others and shaping their organisation.