Managing your airport's environmental impact

November 2015

Every part of your airport can be green

“ACERT was really easy to use and helped to make the process for achieving Airport Carbon Accreditation both easier and cost effective.”

Every airport operator should be on top of their greenhouse gas emissions. ACI's do-it-yourself Airport Carbon and Emissions Reporting Tool (ACERT) allows you to calculate your airport’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory with ease.
This free tool is user-friendly. You do not need to be an emissions or environmental expert in order to use it. Simply input your airport’s operational data into our self-contained Excel spreadsheet, and gain insight into the quantities and sources of emissions at your airport.
 Learn about the ownership and control of emissions from sources such as:

- on-site electricity generation;
- airport vehicles;
- off-site generation of electricity purchased by the airport operator;
- airlines and other tenant vehicles, such as ground service equipment (GSE); and
- ground access vehicles (GAV).

ACERT has been tested at major airports such as Zurich, Toronto and SeaTac, with results showing that the tool is highly accurate. Using ACERT, airport emissions were calcuated within 5-10% of those of more in-depth inventory calculations.

ACERT is available for free by emailing