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February 2016

Airport environmental management feature

Governments, industry and environmental groups meeting at the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) have this week approved the CO2 Standard - the first global certification standard for CO2 emissions coming from all new aircraft designs.

Commending ICAO on the CO2 Standard, Angela Gittens, Director General, ACI World, noted that the agreement "...represents an important next step in aviation's commitment to tackle climate change."

ACI is committed to reducing CO2 emissions from aircraft. In 2009, ACI launched the Airport Carbon Accreditation programme, and as of January 2016, 151 airports worldwide have been certified in four levels: Mapping, Reduction, Optimization and Neutrality. This figure represents 31.2 percent of global air passenger traffic.

Read more about the CO2 Standard and ACI's efforts to reduce carbon emissions in airports here.

Certificate in Airport Environmental Management

Airport professional development

ACI’s Certificate in Airport Environmental Management provides airport staff with vital insight into the principles of sustainable airport development and environmental management.

The Certificate in Airport Environmental Management covers the crucial elements of implementing an environmental management system at your airport.

The certificate consists of the following seven modules:
1. Airport Environmental Management and Sustainable Development;
2. Noise Management and Community Relations;
3. Managing Local Air Quality;
4. Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Management;
5. Resource Management;
6. Waste Prevention and Management; and
7. Implementing an Environmental Management System.

Price: US$695.00
Duration: Approximately 15 hours

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