Louisville trials Online Operations Training

February 2014

Louisville Regional Airport Authority (LRAA) has embarked on a pilot project to trial the ACI Online Learning Centre’s web based airport operations programs. Janet Barrow, Director of Human Resources at LRAA reports on the project.

The Challenge
There are several factors that contributed to the Louisville Regional Airport Authority (LRAA) seeking alternative and additional training resources:

  • Projected retirements for positions in operations
  • Reality that new hires are experienced in their respective fields/trades, but are new to the airport environment
  • Decreased time available for on the job training (OJT)
  • Staffing and current work model expectations drive increased independence of all employees
  • The need to continuously engage the workforce
  • A highly trained workforce can be proactive vs. reactive
  • Funding and staffing limitations are barriers to employees traveling to training events

The Solution
Eleven employees were enrolled in the Airside Operations Certificate program and two were enrolled in the Terminal Operations Certificate program.

First level supervisors and positions that operate with limited supervision were selected to pilot the program. Even though it was assumed some enrollees would be familiar with much of the content we wanted to establish a baseline and ensure all supervisory staff had the same information before offering the programs to their front line employees. This group would also be the most effective in evaluating the content for offering to their direct reports.

 The program is self-paced and allows for participants to work on the program around a busy airport schedule. It also ensures all participants have a basic overview of airside operations which should contribute to their effectiveness within their positions.
The online programs are convenient and interactive ensuring participant understanding of the content.

The Benefits
Several of the advantages to the online training include convenience, reduction in training cost by eliminating travel and consistent core content.

We rolled out the program in December and enrollees have one year to complete the training. It is now mid January and two Public Safety Captains and one Terminal Operations Specialist have completed the training. There are three other enrollees who have completed half of the course modules.

Offering the program and recognition of graduates demonstrates the LRAA’s support for continued development that will translate into increased employee engagement and better prepared employees.

The Feedback
The ACI Certificate in Airside/Landside Operations is the foundation that provides our employees the necessary tools to understanding the daily function of operating an airport. The information presented is a comprehensive approach that provides our employees with a holistic understanding of the many moving parts of the airport community. ACI’s professional certifications provide our staff with the resources needed to contribute to the travel experience of our customers.
Steve Petty, Chief Operations Officer

…Over all most of the chapters were very helpful especially the sections that explained why and how the different companies all worked together to come to the same goal which is making the customers/passengers happy and have a positive experience. The background of why things are done now was very helpful and a lot of the history behind it….
Christine Preher, Terminal Specialist (Certificate in Terminal and Landside Operations)

I’ve been here 9 years and most of it was stuff I had already heard or learned from FAA inspections and training…. The course seemed geared towards any airport in any country since some of the terminology was different than what I am used to coming from the FAA. It was interesting learning about the worldwide regulation. I knew about the FAA regulations but never understood that they came from the worldwide organization. But overall it was a good course.
Josh Grimes, Public Safety Captain (Certificate in Airside Operations)

The ACI Online Learning Centre would like to thank Janet Barrow, Director of Human Resources at LRAA for taking the time and effort to develop and share this case study.

More Information
The Louisville Regional Airport Authority (LRAA) is responsible for owning, operating and developing Louisville International Airport (SDF) and Bowman Field (LOU).  Just 10 minutes from downtown, Louisville International Airport is a low-fare airport that draws travelers within a 200-mile radius of the city. The airport now has nonstop service to more than 25 destinations and convenient connections to cities worldwide. The airport accommodated almost 3.4 million passengers in 2012. For more information visit http://www.flylouisville.com/

The Online Learning Centre (OLC) was established by Airports Council International to provide online training services to the global airport industry. For more information regarding any of the programs mentioned in this case study or to learn more about the Online Learning Centre visit www.olc.aero or contact enrolments@olc.aero