Runway safety management feature

February 2016

Los Angeles International Airport improves safety for landing and departing aircraft

This year, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) will undergo a three-year rehabilitation project to develop its runway safety area. The Los Angeles board of commissioners has approved this US$23.9 million construction project, as LAX aims to further improve safety standards for landing and departing aircraft.
Runway safety is an ongoing challenge and high priority for airport operators worldwide, and LAX is leading the way in airside safety operations through its runway redevelopment plans.

As the sixth busiest airport in the world and third busiest airport in the United States, the runway rehabilitation project is a vital part of the infrastructure and modernisation of LAX, testifying to the airport's commitment to excellent standards of safety and security.

Read more about LAX’s approved runway contract project here.

Improving your runway safety skills

Airport professional development

ACI’s online training programme in Runway Safety Management addresses the importance of runway safety at aerodromes. Designed for airport operators, this course draws on a diverse range of runway safety guidance material from civil aviation authorities, ACI member airports, the International Civil Aviation Organization and other international aviation organizations.

Through this module, participants will be able to:

    - Explain the steps required to establish a runway safety team;
    - describe the important elements of runway safety at an aerodrome;
    - understand the key requirements of runway inspections and reporting;
    - identify the crucial elements of runway maintenance;
    - explain how to manage temporary runway restrictions and disperse this information to stakeholders; and
    - identify Low Visibility Procedures that are enforced for the safe operation of aircraft during low visibility conditions, including the protection of navigational aids

On completion of the Runway Safety Management programme, you can upgrade to the Certificate in Airside Safety. For more information, please contact