Learn More About the Importance of Airport Economics

February 2017

Did you know that according to The International Civil Aviation Organisation, air transport industry generates a total of 29 million jobs globally? Aviation provides the only worldwide transportation network, which makes it essential for global business and tourism. It plays a vital role in facilitating economic growth, particularly in developing countries. Additionally, aviation also transports close to 2 billion † passengers annually and 40% of interregional exports of goods (by value). To learn more about how the air transport industry impacts the economy, click here

For those who are interested in learning more about the importance of airport economics, the Certificate in Airport Business Operations course provides all participants with an in depth understanding of airport business operations, including economic and regulatory principles, how airports are organized and the process of strategic, master and operations planning.

This detailed online course will provide you with an understanding of the different operational models of airport businesses, highlighting the present challenges of the industry. You will also gain insight into airport financial management and the economic impact of airports on their communities.

The Certificate in Airport Business Operations includes the following seven modules:

1. A Complex and Dynamic Business
2. Airport Economics
3. Regulatory Framework
5. Airport Strategic Planning
6. Airport Master Planning
7. Airport Operations Planning

Price: US $695.00
Duration: 15 hours

For more information on this course visit our website at www.olc.aero or contact enrolments@olc.aero

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