Improving staff's terminal and landside expertise

February 2016

Toulouse-Blagnac Airport strives to improve customer experiences
Terminal and landside operations feature

France’s Toulouse-Blagnac Airport is redesigning its terminal layout in order to enhance passenger experiences by creating a stronger “sense of place.” The design project will involve the relocation of check-in desks to create a large duty-free shopping space with a more modern and welcoming infrastructure.  

Toulouse-Blagnac Airport is the primary airport serving south western France, handling over 7.5 million passengers per annum. For their upcoming spring and summer seasons, the airport expects a further increase in passenger numbers and is reconsidering its terminal layout to ensure that all passengers have positive experiences.

Read more about Toulouse-Blagnac Airport’s plans to improve passenger experience through its redesigned terminal layout here.

Certificate in Terminal and Landside Operations

Airport professional development

ACI’s Certificate in Terminal and Landside Operations equips participants with the necessary skills to optimise airport terminal and landside operations, as well as to ensure that all passengers have positive experiences that are in accord with security requirements and revenue-generating activities.

On completion of the Certificate in Terminal and Landside Operations, participants will be able to:

    - Analyse the complex service delivery chain within airports;
    - understand the tools used by airport operators, working with the wider airport community to improve customer experiences;
    - describe the various landside facilities found at an airport and the operational procedures;
    - explain baggage-handling and cargo procedures at airports;
    - describe the major components of the air cargo industry; and
    - understand the importance of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

Price: US$695.00
Duration: Approximately 15 hours

This course can be taken as a stand-alone Certificate Programme or as a pathway course to the ACI Airport Operations Diploma Program.

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