Human Factors Safety Training

January 2015

Research estimates that 85% of aviation accidents are attributed to human factors.

The Flight Safety Foundation estimates that the annual cost of employee injuries in the global aviation industry is $5.8 billion USD with a further $4.2 billion USD attributed to ground accidents and incidents.

The Airports Council International online Human Factors Safety Training program helps to build the defenses that reduce and mitigate human errors at airports by developing an awareness of the individual factors that can impact human performance that lead to errors in the first place.

The course consists of three key sections:
1. Understanding Human Factors
2. Human Factors and Airport Safety
3. Dealing with Human Factor Errors

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Also available in French and Spanish

The Human Factors Safety Training program is also available in French and Spanish.

Check out the French version Sensibilisation aux facteurs humains

Check out the Spanish version Seguridad Operacional y Factores Humanos