How to ask for a promotion

November 2015

Asking for a promotion can often be an uncomfortable or awkward topic to bring up with your company. Nevertheless, if you want to progress in your career and feel valued in your workplace, this process can be necessary.
There are ways that you can discuss a promotion with your boss in a smooth and amicable way. Check out our helpful tips below:

  1. Timing: Be tactful. Consider when the best time for bringing up a promotion might be. It’s not ideal, for example, to ask for a promotion after the annual review, when decisions have already been reached, or when the company is extremely busy. Asking for a raise when your manager has less on their plate, or when it’s quiet is typically the best time to discuss the topic.
  2. Manner: Be straightforward about the role you are aiming for. It’s a good idea to plan and write down exactly what you want to say before you speak with your manager. That way, you’ll have more clarity and conviction in your words.
  3. Outline your achievements: Write down what you have achieved in your job before you speak with your manager and bring these milestones up in the meeting.
Remember, you may not get a promotion after the conversation, so be prepared for a ‘no’. You’ll benefit from the experience regardless, as it prepares you for the next time you want to bring up the subject. Your manager will be aware of your interest in a promotion, and it encourages the lines of communication to stay open.