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December 2015

Interview with Alfred Botchway

​​Alfred Botchway, Terminal Operations Officer at Ghana Airports Company Limited (GACL), trained with ACI’s Online Learning Centre in the areas of airport operations, concessions and safety, in order “to acquire and enhance [his] product knowledge in the airport industry” in a “convenient and easily accessible” learning environment.
Alfred enjoyed training online, as he could study from his computer and benefit from the “lower cost as compared to travelling to another country to have face-to-face classroom work.”
He further expressed that training with ACI’s Online Learning Centre helped him to “achieve [his] professional development goals to meet [his] organization’s requirements.” “It has really expanded my knowledge, and has kept me up to date with the latest developments in the industry. I now feel on top, and very confident in my duties as a professional.”

Certificate in Concession Management

Airport professional development

Alfred Botchway completed ACI’s Certificate in Concession Management and encourages anyone interested in airport commercial operations to enrol in this course.
Our Certificate in Concession Management covers all of the vital commercial operations for a dynamically functioning airport, including food, beverage, retail and duty free concessions,  as well as parking and ground transportation services.
Through this course, you will gain proficient training in both the theoretical and practical aspects of managing your airport’s concessions. You will:
learn about the importance of airport design and layout in planning concessions;
acquire the ability to develop commercial goals, strategies and actions;
evaluate and benchmark commercial results; and
negotiate and manage concessions.
Price: US$395.00
Duration: 6 hours

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