Enhance Airport Safety Through Apron Safety Management Training

June 2017

Aprons experience some of the highest traffic in airports. This is a highly congested area where aircraft are parked, loaded or unloaded, boarded and refuelled. Effective safety training of personnel is a key strategy in successfully managing the risks posed on the apron.

Safety is paramount. The OLC has created an Apron Safety Management course that can teach you how to successfully manage the risks associated with aircraft turnaround. We incorporate working with specialised equipment coupled with dealing with people with various priorities on different time schedules. The Apron Safety Management course improves the safety, knowledge and awareness of employees at your airport, whilst also reducing incidents and accidents on the apron.

The course is organised into the following sections:

1. Welcome
2. Overview
3. Apron safety
4. Apron planning and design
5. Vehicle operations
6. Aircraft operations and fuelling
7. Apron management
8. Ground handling
9. Adverse weather operations
10. Rescue and Firefighting
11. Apron maintenance and construction

Price: US$135.00
Duration: 3 hours