Airport Emergency Planning (AEP)

August 2017

Emergency Preparedness can sometimes seem like a complex and overwhelming task but, with a systematic step by step approach, airports can prepare for and manage emergencies effectively.

Sarina Houston provides a great summary of the different components that make up an Airport Emergency Plan (AEP) including:

  • Parties That Might be Involved
  • Formation of an AEP
  • The Importance of Training, Drills and Exercises
  • AEP Elements

Read more of the article here - Airport Emergency Plans

Emergency Preparedness and Contingency Planning Course

For a more structured approach to emergency preparedness try the Online Learning Centre's Emergency Preparedness and Contingency Planning course that has been designed to provide airport operators with guidance on current industry best practices within the framework of the Aerodrome Emergency Plan (AEP).

The course will assist airport operators in producing more effective emergency plans that consider a wide range of possible events. It will enable airports to cope with crises and return to normal operations as soon as possible, making full use of business continuity planning.

The course is organised into the following sections:

1. Welcome
2. Overview
3. Legal roles and requirements
4. Introduction to business continuity
5. Emergency planning phase
6. Emergency response
7. Coordination for interfacing Emergency Response Plans
8. Training
9. Exercises and testing
10. Documentation

Price: US$135.00
Duration: 3 hours