Develop your human factors safety skills

March 2016

Airport professional development

“The Human Factors Safety is a well-developed and presented course, applicable to any industry, employee group and safety professional.”

“Safety is always necessary to review and update as people, places and things are constantly evolving.”

“The interactive aspects of the course are excellent.”

Current research estimates that 85% of aviation accidents are attributed to human factors. Our Human Factors Safety Training course helps airports build strong defences against human errors by enhancing the awareness of factors that can impact performance and lead to errors.

This online course provides participants with a comprehensive introduction to the primary concepts of human factors and ensures that they can recognise, understand and prevent human errors on the airside. On completion of the course, all participants will be able to apply basic human factors strategies to their airport industry work.

The course covers the following three topics:

Section 1 – Understanding Human Factors
Section 2 – Human Factors and Airport Safety
Section 3 – Dealing with Human Factors Errors

The Human Factors Safety Training course is also available in French and Spanish.

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Price: USD $50.00
Duration: 1 hour

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