Congratulations to our recent graduates - Certificate in Airside Safety

January 2018

Any airport operator would agree that airside risk prevention is vital for an effective safety management system.

Regular and ongoing training is essential to ensure that employees are kept up to date with the latest safety information ensuring that everything possible is done to minimise risk.

Congratulations to the individuals and airports below for their ongoing commitment to safety.
See if you can find your name below:

Serge Rodrigue Agaya - Aeroport de Libreville
Manuel Soares - Aeroportos de Mocambique
Giselle Best - Airports Authority of Trinidad & Tobago
Jamal Gittens - Airports Authority of Trinidad & Tobago
Hamadoun Goro - ASECNA
Sekou Sala Tapily - ASECNA
Michel Kodio - Bamako–Senou International Airport
Saliou Goro - Bamako–Senou International Airport
John De Grieve - Brussels Airport Company
Sandra De Raedemaeker - Brussels Airport Company
Paige See - Changi Airport Group
Polina Tincheva-Angelova - Fraport Twin Star Airport Management
Chee Seng Koh - Greensafe International
Yogesvaran Suppiah - Greensafe International
Khairul Firdhaus Bin Jalal - Greensafe International
Arumugam Maheswaran - Greensafe International
Sulaiman Yasin - Greensafe International
Kah Keong Lim - Greensafe International
Chee Siong Neo - Greensafe International
Chaitanya Chandra Das Monoranjan Das - Greensafe International
Shanmugam Dhanasekar - Greensafe International
Mohamad Hafendi Bin Rohani - Greensafe International
Arumugam Rajasekaran - Greensafe International
Suryaprakash Rajandran - Greensafe International
Muhammad Bin Ibrahim - Greensafe International
Mohamad Sani Bin Jantan - Greensafe International
Cheng Sing Hong - Greensafe International
Neeyaneiswaren Ngenasegaran - Greensafe International
Muhammad Munir Bin Mohamed Ali - Greensafe International
Zulkifli Bin Zaini - Greensafe International
Chandrakasan Lakshminarayanan - Greensafe International
Lars Herfurth - Hamburg Airport
Achim Goss - Hamburg Airport
Yann Gaberle - Hamburg Airport
Sina Jobst - Hamburg Airport
Cristian Radoi - Hamid Karzai International Airport Kabul
Abdul Qader Sepand - Hamid Karzai International Airport Kabul
Ahmad Shah Niazi - Hamid Karzai International Airport Kabul
Ali Daryab - Hamid Karzai International Airport Kabul
Abdul Rahim Majidy - Hamid Karzai International Airport Kabul
Liaqat Ali Alizada - Hamid Karzai International Airport Kabul
Gamze Tekdal - Haritaevi Ltd
Michael L. Samsal - Heart of Georgia Regional Airport
Maddalena Bottini - Milano Linate Airport
Joy Freeman - San Diego Airport
Brent Dyck - Saskatoon Airport Authority
Natividad Soike - Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
Omar Ford - Tocumen International Airport
Edgar Castillo - Tocumen International Airport
Lee Qamanirq - Twilite Security
Wolfgang Eberle - Vienna Airport
Horst Tumpach - Vienna Airport