Congratulations To Recent Graduates

July 2017

We extend warm congratulations to the recent graduates of the OLC's Certificate In Airside Safety.

Samuel Jimenez - Aerodom
Denise Allibrio - Aeroporto Internazionale di Napoli
Laliye Bambo - Aeroportos de Mocambique
Antonio Jaieie - Aeroportos de Mocambique
Louis Marie MvoumbiI Tchicaya - Aeroports du Congo
Gregorio Matthew - Bonaire International Airport
Philippe Van Bouwel - Brussels Airport Company
Els Spolspoel - Brussels Airport Company
Stefaan De Ruysscher - Brussels Airport Company
Gert Moens - Brussels Airport Company
Shorlie Bent De Avila - Cayman Islands Airport Authority
Ramasamy Saravarthi - Changi Airport Group
Arakan Singh - Changi Airport Group
Rahmansha KM - Changi Airport Group
Muhammad Alfian - Roslan     Changi Airport Group
Umut Akdere - Haritaevi Ltd
Arda Can Uyanik - Haritaevi Ltd
Umut Baykara - Haritaevi Ltd
Semih Yenigul - Haritaevi Ltd
Seymour Bookal - MBJ Airports Limited
Fay-Anne Hutchinson-Bell - MBJ Airports Limited
Tami Warren - Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority
Joerg Simon - Munich Airport
Michael Gobbo - New York and New Jersey Port Authority
Levi Kelly - Nunavut Airport Services
John Hatsios - Palm Springs International Airport
Ramon Sanchez - Palm Springs International Airport
Balwant Bob Pal - San Jose International Airport
Jamie Smith - St. Johns International Airport Authority
Todd Brophy - St. Johns International Airport Authority
Wayne Morris - St. Johns International Airport Authority
Zachary Shutts - William P. Hobby Airport
Roger Adams - William P. Hobby Airport
Eduardo Perez - William P. Hobby Airport
Charles Hollins - William P. Hobby Airport

At the heart of airside safety is an effectively trained team of airport personnel who work hard to prevent damaging accidents and costly incidents. Ensure that the personnel at your airport are both highly skilled and proactive in their approach to safety.  

The OLC's Certificate in Airside Safety consists of five online safety courses that provide participants with a wide understanding of the key elements of airside safety on top of how these elements interact as part of the airport’s overall safety management system.

The Certificate in Airside Safety consists of the following five safety courses:
1. Airside Safety Training
2. Safety Management Systems Training
3. Human Factors Safety Training
4. Runway Safety Management
5. Wildlife Hazard Management  

Price: USD$295
Duration: 7 hours

If you have already completed one or more of these courses, you can upgrade to the Certificate in Airside Safety. 

For more information, please contact or visit