Certificate in Airport Environmental Management

November 2015

Airport professional development

"This course was excellent. The principles within the modules shows how airports can cut costs while protecting the environment."

Are you interested in airport sustainability? All airports should have an Environmental Management System in place to reduce their negative impacts on the environment, and to enhance their environmental performance.

Take our Certificate in Airport Environmental Management to gain vital insight into the environmental issues surrounding airport operations and growth, including climate change and greenhouse gas management.

Learn about the countless benefits gained from successful environmental management, and the steps required to implement an Environmental Management System at your airport.

The Certificate in Airport Environmental Management is made up of the following modules:

1. Airport Environmental Management and Sustainable Development
2. Noise Management and Community Relations
3. Managing Local Air Quality
4. Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Management
5. Resource Management
6. Waste Prevention and Management
7. Implementing an Environmental Management System

Price: USD $695.00
Duration: 15 hours

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