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April 2016

Certificate in Airside Operations
Airport professional development

“A very informative, interesting and challenging course.”
“Anyone working in airport management should complete this course.”
“Excellent course—a must for airport operators.”

Join the hundreds of airport personnel currently enrolled in the ACI Certificate in Airside Operations. This online course is ideal for new or existing staff looking to undertake theoretical studies in airside operations to enhance their career development and understanding of airport operations.

The course provides participants with an understanding of the various components of airside operations and how these components interact with each other to form an operational system.
The Certificate in Airside Operations includes a total of seven modules:
1. Airside Infrastructure, Facilities and Personnel
2. Safety Management
3. Airside Operations
4. Emergency Management
5. Airside Security
6. Airside Operations and the Environment
7. Industry Safety Performance Indicators

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En route to the Airport Operations Diploma Programme

The Certificate in Airside Operations is a pathway course to ACI's Airport Operations Diploma Programme (AODP).

The Airport Operations Diploma Programme has been adopted by airport operators and service providers worldwide to ensure that personnel have a comprehensive understanding of the key elements of airport operations.
This 45-hour online program provides airport staff with vital knowledge and best practices regarding airport operations and is a stepping-stone to a career in airport operations and management.

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Also available in Spanish

The Certificate in Airside Operations and the Airport Operations Diploma Programme are also available in Spanish.

View the Spanish version of the Certificate in Airside Operations: Seguridad Operacional en el Lado Aéreo
View the Spanish version of the Airport Operations Diploma Programme: Diploma en Operaciones Aeroportuarias