Airside Safety Training

January 2015

This online course is ideal for initial, recurrent and refresher safety training for all personnel working on the airside.

The course will provide participants with an understanding of key safety topics including:

  • Airport Familiarization

An understanding of the airport as an operational system including the unique challenges of safety and security on the airside.

  • Safety Stakeholders, Roles and Responsibilities

    An understanding of the multiple stakeholders and their roles and responsibilities relating to airside safety including the role that each individual plays with regards to safety.

  • Airside Safety Elements

    The ability to recognise important elements of airside safety that are required to operate in a safe manner including safety management systems, key strategies for dealing with safety risks and the importance of safety reporting.

  • Airside Hazard Awareness

The ability to identify key hazards that are encountered on the airside and understand the high level guidelines on how to protect yourself and others by working in a safe manner.

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Also available in Spanish

The Airside Safety Training program is also available online in Spanish.

Check out the Spanish version

On Route to a Certificate in Airside Safety

The Airside Safety Training program is one of the key elements of the new ACI Certificate in Airside Safety program.

The ACI Certificate in Airside Safety combines five online safety courses into a Certificate level program that provides participants with a broad knowledge and understanding of the key elements of airside safety and how these elements combine as part of the airport’s overall approach to Safety Management.

To obtain the Certificate in Airside Safety candidates must complete the following five online safety courses in any order within a three (3) year period:

  1. Airside Safety
  2. Safety Management Systems
  3. Human Factors Safety
  4. Runway Safety Management
  5. Wildlife Hazard Management

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