Aeroporto G. Marconi di Bologna implements Human Factors Awareness Training

September 2011

Aeroporto G. Marconi di Bologna in Italy has teamed with Airports Council International to utilise eLearning to deliver Human Factors Awareness Training to operations staff as part of their ongoing Safety program.

Safety Manager, Laura Nobili, reported “this on line course offers the opportunity to explain to our operators the causes of some possible errors. To know the reasons that could lead to an error can be a way to prevent them. Our airport has to work in a lot of different conditions including hot, cold and snowy days, or very busy and overcrowded days. People have a lot of pressure during their job and all of these conditions can lead to errors. To be aware of human factors can help mitigate situations, better understand why errors happen, and be more objective with the purpose to promote a healthy “no blame” safety culture.”

The Human Factors Awareness Training course is designed to improve safety awareness by assisting employees to recognise, understand and mitigate human performance issues on the airside.