Aerodrome Emergency Planning

June 2014

“Aerodrome emergency planning is the process of preparing an aerodrome to cope with an emergency occurring at the aerodrome or in its vicinity. The objective of aerodrome emergency planning is to minimise the effects of an emergency, particularly in respect of saving lives and maintaining aircraft operations.”

ICAO Annex 14

An airport emergency can occur anywhere, at any time of day or night, under any weather conditions and in varying degrees of magnitude.

A well developed and carefully implemented Emergency Management Plan can significantly reduce the overall impact of an emergency and facilitate the process of returning to standard operating conditions.

Poor emergency planning can lead to a lack of communication, confusion and delays in response that in turn may lead to greater overall impact and cost of an emergency.

The ACI Certificate in Airport Operations features a dedicated module relating to Emergency Management that examines how airports prepare for and respond to emergencies including:
  • The need for Emergency Management and the importance of effective Emergency Planning in preparation for an emergency
  • How an airport responds to an emergency based on its Emergency Management Plan
  • The important role that Rescue and Fire Fighting Services play in an emergency and the ICAO requirements for the provision of these services
  • The basic elements of Disabled Aircraft Removal and how aircraft operators collaborate to make specialised recovery equipment available for shared use around the world
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