What is on the training horizon for 2016?

January 2016

We're offering a new study guide, new courses and more languages

ACI’s Online Learning Centre (OLC) are looking towards the new year with great excitement.

We have been working hard to develop a new study guide, new safety courses and more languages by offering many of our existing safety courses in both French and Spanish.

New Study Guide for the Airport Operations Diploma Program (AODP)

Due to popular demand, we are developing a Study Guide for our industry-leading Airport Operations Diploma Programme (AODP).

The Study Guide will assist students by providing them with a summary of key concepts and facilitating the practical application of these concepts to their local airport environments.

Due for release in mid-2016, the Study Guide will be integrated into the curriculum of all new AODP enrolments. It will also be available complimentarily to all existing AODP students through their OLC account.

New safety courses

We are pleased to announce two new OLC airport safety courses for 2016:
- Emergency Management and Contingency Planning; and
- Apron Safety Management, Marking and Signs

Safety courses in French and Spanish

We are also delighted to report that all OLC courses within the Certificate in Airside Safety will in 2016 be available in both French and Spanish.

They consist of the following five courses:
- Airside Safety Training;
- Safety Management Systems Training;
- Human Factors Safety Training;
- Wildlife Hazard Management; and
- Runway Safety Management