Ensure that your staff become airport concession management experts

May 2016

Airport professional development

In order to ensure successful commercial operations at your airport, staff in retail positions must be adequately trained before taking on a concession management role.

The Airport Cooperative Research Programme’s Resource Manual for In-terminal Concessions identifies operators with the best concession management practices as those that ensure their staff understand the concessionaires’ business operations through rigorous training.

After comprehensive concession management training, airport staff will possess the skills required to develop a deep level of trust, understanding and open communication between the airport and the concessionaire’s representatives.

Certificate in Concession Management

Airport professional development

ACI's Certificate in Concession Management covers all of the vital commercial operations for a dynamically functioning airport, including food, beverage, retail and duty free concessions, as well as parking and ground transportation services.

Through this course, staff will gain proficient training in both the theoretical and practical aspects of managing your airport’s concessions. Staff will:

  • learn about the importance of airport design and layout in planning concessions;
  • acquire the ability to develop commercial goals, strategies and actions;
  • be able to evaluate and benchmark commercial results; and
  • learn to negotiate and manage concessions.

Price: US$395.00
Duration: 6 hours

For more information, or to register for this course, visit our website at www.olc.aero or contact enrolments@olc.aero.
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