Human Factors Safety Training


1.5 hours

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Historically, research estimates that 85% of aviation accidents are attributed to human factors.

The Flight Safety Foundation estimates that the annual cost of employee injuries in the global aviation industry is $5.8 billion USD, and a further $4.2 billion USD in costs for ground accidents and incidents.

Human Factors Safety Training helps build the defences that reduce and mitigate human errors at airports by developing an awareness of the individual factors that can impact human performance that lead to errors in the first place.

This online course will provide participants with an introduction to the fundamental concepts of human factors and assist them to recognise, understand and mitigate human factors and errors on the airside.

It is highly recommended that all airside workers, service providers and contractors undertake Human Factors Awareness Training to increase their awareness of the influence of human performance on safety.


On completion of this module participants will be able to:
- Understand the basic components of human factors and their relationship to safety
- Describe how human factors are related to airport operations and safety
- Improve safety through the application of basic human factors strategies


The course covers the following topics:

Section 1. Understanding Human Factors
- Understand the importance of learning about Human Factors
- Define Human Factors
- Understand the importance of Human Factors in relation to safety
- Know and describe the components of the Human Factors SHEL model

Section 2. Human Factors and Airport Safety
- Understand the relationship between Human Factors and Safety Management Systems
- Describe the key Human Factors that influence the effectiveness of a Safety Management System
- Describe the key human factors that influence human performance

Section 3. Dealing with Human Factor Errors
- Understand how errors occur due to latent conditions and active failures
- Explain the two main sources of human factor errors
- Understand the three main strategies for dealing with human factor errors