Certificate in Airside Safety


8.5 hours

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The ACI Certificate in Airside Safety combines five online safety courses into a Certificate level program that provides participants with a broad knowledge and understanding of the key elements of airside safety and how these elements combine as part of the airport’s overall Safety Management System.

This course is ideal for initial or recurrent safety training for all airport employees and service provider personnel.


On completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Understand the basic components of airside safety including the unique nature of the airside, the various roles and responsibilities required to maintain a high level of safety, the major elements of airside safety and some of the common hazards that they may encounter
  • Apply the key principles, concepts and elements of Safety Management Systems with the goal of increasing aviation safety
  • Understand the fundamental concepts of human factors and recognize, understand and deal with human performance issues at an airport
  • Apply methodologies and best practices that can be implemented to assist airport operators to achieve a “state of the art” level of runway safety
  • Reference guidance material for the development of runway safety programs for aerodromes as well as ways to tailor, improve and expand existing programs
  • Know and understand the key elements involved in Wildlife Hazard Management and how these elements are integrated successfully into the airport’s Wildlife Hazard Management Plan


The ACI Certificate in Airside Safety consists of the following five courses:

1. Airside Safety
2. Safety Management Systems
3. Human Factors Safety
4. Runway Safety Management
5. Wildlife Hazard Management