Certificate in Airside Operations


Approximately 15 hours

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The ACI Certificate in Airside Operations provides participants with a broad understanding of airside operations at an airport.

Participants will develop an understanding of the various components of Airside Operations and how these components interact with each other to form an operational system.

This course can be taken as a stand alone Certificate Programme or as part of the ACI Airport Operations Diploma Programme.


On completion of this course participants will be able to:
  • Describe the various components of the Airside including Infrastructure, Facilities and People and understand how these components interact to form an operational system.
  • Explain why airports need a systematic approach to Safety Management and describe the various elements required to implement an effective safety management system at an airport.
  • Explore the various risks and hazard associated with aircraft ground operations at an airport and how they can be effectively managed
  • Describe the major aspects of Airport Emergency Management and how airports prepare and respond to airside emergencies.
  • Understand the importance of Airport Security Management and describe key airport security measures that are in place to protect the airside.
  • Describe the principle environmental impacts associated with airside operations and how these impacts may be successfully managed.
  • Describe Airport Council International’s safety performance indicators and how information sharing and industry collaboration is key to furthering safety


The ACI Certificate in Airside Operations consists of the following seven online modules:

1 Airside Infrastructure, Facilities and Personnel
2 Safety Management
3 Airside Operations
4 Emergency Management
5 Airside Security
6 Airside Operations and the Environment
7 Industry Safety Performance Indicators


"This course gives a tremendous amount of relevant information for numerous aspects of Airside Operations for the “boots on the ground” operator. It is a must have for field operators. It should be the standard entrance level training for aerodrome employees."

“I have just finished the ACI Course in Airside Operations. Very good! Nice and useful information. I particularly liked the Environment Module. Congratulations!”

“A very informative, interesting and challenging course. Would hope to receive more training on aerodromes in the future.”

“Anyone who's in airport management should complete this course.”

“Excellent course. A must for Airport Operators.”