Airside Safety Training


1.5 hours

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This Airside Safety course is designed to familiarise participants with the unique nature of the Airside, the various roles and responsibilities required to maintain a high level of safety, the major elements of airside safety and some of the common hazards that they may encounter.


On completion of this module participants will be able to:
- Understand the airport as an operational system
- Explain the various stakeholders and their roles and responsibilities with regards to Airside Safety
- Recognise important elements of Airside Safety required to operate in a safe manner
- Identify the key hazards that they may encounter on the Airside and how to approach them safely


The course covers the following topics:

Section 1. Airport Familiarisation
- Explain the three main areas of a modern airport and the major components of each
- Understand the different levels of access control applied to various areas of the airport
- Recognise the unique challenges of safety and security when working on the airside

Section 2. Safety Stakeholders, Roles and Responsibilities
- Identify the international, national and local organisations involved in airside safety and describe the various roles and responsibilities of each
- Understand your individual responsibilities in regards to Airside Safety
- Recognise the importance of Airside Security

Section 3. Airside Safety Elements
- Define safety within the context of an aerodrome
- Understand important safety terms
- Define a Safety Management System and how it differs from traditional approaches to safety
- Describe the four key strategies for dealing with safety risks
- Recognise the importance of Safety Reporting

Section 4. Airside Hazard Awareness
- Understand the importance of the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
- Recognise key hazards that you may encounter on the airside and understand the high level guidelines on how to protect yourself and work in a safe manner.


Great review and recommended for all employees with airside access/responsibilities.

A comprehensive and informative course. Nicely done.

The course is an excellent reflection of airside safety program.

Very relevant and appropriate for any individual that works on Airside or will choose a career on the Airside.