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  • Why Online Learning Centre?

    The Online Learning Centre (OLC) was established by Airports Council International to provide online training services to the global airport industry.

    We specialise in providing a broad range of industry standard online training courses designed to help airports deliver high quality training through a fully managed e-learning solution quickly, easily and cost effectively.
  • What People Say About Us

    The ACI Airport Operations Diploma Programme is the standard for any individual desiring a career in airside operations.  Much like a building, it arrives in 3 stages.  

    The Certificate in Airside Operations is your foundation in that it provides the necessary support for understanding the functions required of an aerodrome operator.

    The Certificate in Terminal and Landside Operations are your walls which assist in providing a complete structure for you to operate within safely & efficiently.

    The Certificate in Airport Business Operations is the roof which allows you to shelter your most important asset, the flying public.

    Whether you operate an aerodrome that processes tens of millions of passengers, or tens of thousands, the ACI Airport Operations Diploma Programme is as essential to your general knowledge base as a runway is to your aerodrome.

    Robert M. Harris, Acting Chief Operations Officer
    Cayman Islands Airport Authority

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

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